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New Zealand Souvenirs and Gifts

We have an excellent range of quality New Zealand skincare products, merino wool knitwear, health food and of course New Zealand souvenirs available for purchase.

Sea Breeze Souvenirs offers you New Zealand gifts, souvenirs and clothing. We ship to most countries. Our New Zealand gifts or Kiwi gift range has: HEALTH PRODUCTS including active manuka honey, SKIN CARE with lanolin face cream and kiwi fruit soap; KIWI GIFTS like tea towels, kiwis, sheep, coasters, caps, jewellery, candy and food, and flags. We also offer a range of popular NEW ZEALAND BOOKS.

Kiwiana themed Stacking Dolls.

Check out our set of wooden stacking dolls in the image of a Maori Wahine or girl. Dressed in traditional Maori costume with a tiki around the neck. The costume consists of Flax skirt and a feather cape which were used to combat the cold. These costumes are worn for special ceremonies today. The stacking dolls set consists of four dolls each one smaller than the previous and they all neatly stack into each other exactly like Russian dolls. They are part of the Caroline Mitchell collection.

Available in Maori Girl and Taniwha.


Maori Girl Stacking Dolls


Taniwha Stacking Dolls


 Photo Albums


Wooden Photo Albums

Beautiful wooden photo albums the perfect gift or addition for the home or beach house.

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