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We have a wonderful selection of jewellery covering a very broad range including fashion jewellery and costume jewellery, sterling silver, pewter, bone carving, greenstone and more.


Greenstone Pendants are a very popular souvenir of a trip to New Zealand and come in a wide variety of shades of green. Traditionally greenstone pendants are carved in particular shapes and have different meanings. The Beautiful Greenstone range is available now.

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Broches and Pins

Shop for a wide range of broches and pins. If you’re looking to buy a broch, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our store for a large selection of broch styles, including flower, heart, cameo, dragonfly, leaf and butterfly brooches.

Sterling Silver/Pewter

We have a great range of desirable sterling silver jewellery pendants, necklaces and earings.

NZ Made Pewter – Pendants, Rings, Earings, Necklaces and more.


The Paua shell has become a New Zealand icon, its numerous natural uses making it a small part of everyone’s home. ‘Paua to the People’ take the whole idea one step further – handcrafting the shells to their full potential while retaining the free forms and lines.